Hi, I'm Lucas Courtney and welcome to my world.

So I guess this bit is where I should explain who I am and what I do. In a nut shell I'm a 20 something programmer with a passion for programming games - be they simple, fun mobile titles or experimenting with new mechanics for the PC. Gameplay design is where my passion lies, an area which allows the logical programming side of my brain to do the technical wizzardry required whilst the creative side can conjure up new and interesting ways to engage players.

I graduated from Staffordshire University in 2012 and since then have been employed in utilising my C# knowledge in developing software - moonlighting and creating games when and wherever I can. This year (2014 no less) I published my first title 'Pushem' to the android market, a difficult task for me as I can be somewhat of a perfectionist when looking to push something out the door.

Creating games is both my hobby and my passion, creating entertaining experiences for players and trying to create distinct experiences is where my heart lies. I hope you'll find stuff you'll enjoy on here (although much of it is in a prototype phase, some of it is playable I promise!)

Check out the site and don’t be afraid to get in touch,


Lucas Courtney (Codemonkey87)

Image of Lucas Courtney